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Letter to the Editor.

In his speech to the Labour Party Conference, Gordon Brown called for people to have the right to sack their MP for gross misconduct. Why then does the Labour Party allow for Margaret Moran to continue as the MP for Luton South?

Ms. Moran has a clear record of letting her constituents, including myself, down and bringing shame to our politics, but in Luton South we are forced to endure the untenable situation where we are still represented in Parliament by someone who does not deserve the honour of representing the hard working people who elected her.

When the expenses scandal broke we thought Ms. Moran and the Labour Party could not sink any lower, but they have. When the Labour controlled council chose to reward her with a huge payout instead of forcing her to resign the Labour Party showed for all to see that they can no longer be trusted.

In these increasingly difficult times where my fellow residents in Luton South are fearful for their jobs and their families’ future it is an insult to our community that the Labour Party continues to deny us the right to elect a new MP by forcing Ms. Moran to resign. It is appalling that this is allowed to carry on.

It may be too late by the 2010 General Election for a new MP to fight for the jobs of our automotive workers. Enough is enough, we need change and we demand it now.

Yours Faithfully,

Councillor Qurban Hussain,

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate, Luton South.

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