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Fair Housing Solution for Luton South

Speaking before attending a public meeting on future housing development in Luton South Councillor Qurban Hussain has stressed the need for a solution to be reached which benefits all residents of the community.

The meeting at 7:30pm at Slip End Village Hall on Friday 9th October will provide an opportunity for concerned local residents to share their thoughts on the proposed development.

Visiting one of the proposed development sites the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate spoke about the need to look closely at all thirteen proposed sites for development before a final decision was reached and that a thorough consultation with local residents must play a central part in that process.

Councillor Hussain said:

“The issue of housing development is one that will affect all residents in the Luton South constituency and is something that many feel passionately about. It is therefore vital that we seek a solution that is for the good of all Luton South residents.

“The Conservatives oppose development on one site on green belt land but do not do so on another green belt site while Labour seek to impose a development on our community without listening to the concerns of fellow residents, including myself.

“Neither of these proposals are the right solution to the problem as they do not take into account the best interests of the community as a whole.

“It is essential that we look more closely at Brown field sites as well to ensure that the development takes place on the most suitable land as it would be wrong to impose a housing development on an area when there are more suitable sites elsewhere.

“Thirteen sites in Luton South have been proposed for housing development and we have to talk with local residents about their concerns and thoughts about this issue before a site is chosen.

“The Liberal Democrats and I therefore believe that while there is a need for housing development, it is essential that residents are consulted on the matter and that they play a central role in deciding where the development would be for the benefit of our entire community.

“The public meeting in Slip End will be an important opportunity for fellow residents to share their thoughts and concerns over the development and I encourage as many people as possible to come along and have their voice heard on this important issue”.

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