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Housing Development – We need your views!

Housing development is a deeply emotive issue. Recent public meetings in Caddington and Slip End demonstrated clearly the way that it directly affects our community, puts pressure on existing infrastructure and changes significantly the area we choose to live in.

At the public meetings the residents of Caddington, Slip End and the surrounding areas were able to voice their concerns and views about the proposed Bushwood Green development which would have a highly significant impact on their area and way of life.

I greatly appreciate that they were provided with the vital opportunity to express their concerns and feelings on the issue and I have tremendous respect for their passion and dedication to their area.

Given that there are thirteen proposed sites for development throughout our constituency, I believe that it is essential that all residents across our community are given the opportunity to share their concerns as well as I believe it is absolutely essential that the views of local residents should be at the very heart of any future housing development plans.

As such, now that I know how the residents of Caddington, Slip End and the surrounding area feel about the development which would affect them it is important that I also know the feelings of other residents in our community about developments in their area too.

I would greatly appreciate any resident in our constituency who is concerned about development plans in their area to contact me. The more people who are involved the sooner we will be able to achieve a fair solution for our community that all our fellow residents can support.

Councillor Qurban Hussain,

Luton South Parliamentary Candidate, Liberal Democrats.

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