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Luton South Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate Qurban Hussain has today slammed Conservative Party claims that they are the real ‘progressive’ party in British politics.

Speaking in reaction to the Conservative Party Conference taking place in Manchester, Councillor Hussain argued that Conservative plans to clean up politics can not be taken seriously as they have failed to clean up their own party.

“David Cameron talks about cleaning up politics, but he has failed to discipline his own Shadow Chancellor George Osborne who made money from the tax payer by flipping his second home. In his speech the Conservative conference Mr Osborne said ‘there can not be one rule for Westminster and one rule for everyone else’, how can we take the Conservatives seriously when they do not practice what they preach?”

Following the news of their planned cuts in spending during the recession Councillor Hussain pointed out the unfairness in regard to the Conservative plans to scrap Inheritance Tax for the richest people in the country:

“In Luton South we are sadly all too aware of the effect that cuts during a recession can have on a community and it shows clearly that for all their talk of change the Conservatives haven’t”.

“Conservative plans to make cuts before Britain has had a chance to recover risk plunging the country back into recession.”

“While hard working families would suffer due to planned Tory cuts to key services, thousands of millionaires would be getting a huge tax cut. The Conservatives are more concerned about looking after their own than those who need help the most.”

“We need a government that understands that we need to ensure that all essential services that families rely on in our community are protected during the current economic difficulties. Giving a huge tax cut to millionaires while those on lower incomes continue to struggle during these difficult times simply is not fair.”

“Instead of being the progressive party, with their attitude towards the expenses scandal, plans to cut services and tax cuts for millionaires the Conservatives have shown themselves to be the same party they always have been.”

“The people of Luton South entrusted them with their vote for nearly twenty years and then suffered massive job losses and cuts in the services we rely on. We cannot allow the Conservatives to have the opportunity to let our community down again. The Liberal Democrats and I believe in always supporting those in our community who need the most help and to fight to save jobs.”

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