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Councillor Qurban Hussain has today leant his support to the Liberal Democrat’s campaign that more MPs expenses must be repaid.

Announcing his intention to write to Sir Thomas Legg, currently investigating MPs expenses, Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg argued that some MPs are still not being forced to pay back money then have wrongly claimed from the tax payer.

Councillor Hussain, the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Luton South, argued that:

“I greatly welcome Nick Clegg’s call for more expenses to be repaid, as it is the only right and honourable thing to do. When hard working families in our community are suffering during these difficult times it simply can not be tolerated that some of the worst offending MPs are not being made to pay back what they have wrongfully taken from the taxpayer.

To be elected to represent your community at Parliament is one of the greatest honours that a person can receive and it carries with it a fundamental bond of service and duty to all constituents.

For MPs to have broken this bond by ‘flipping’ their second home, receiving payments for mortgages that don’t even exist and avoiding paying taxes is simply unacceptable and it is shameful that some of the worst offending MPs have not been made to pay back wrongfully claimed expenses and forced to resign.

While the Labour Government and the Conservative Party are wishing to sweep Sir Thomas’ investigation under the carpet it is essential that we keep putting pressure on those in charge to see that justice is done. Unlike the other parties, the Liberal Democrats are dedicated to ensuring that all wrongfully claimed expenses are repaid and that communities are represented by people who deeply respect and honour the bond between an MP and their constituents”.

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