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Jobs at Vauxhall saved!

Like many of you, it was with great relief yesterday that I heard the fantastic news that the jobs of our automotive workers at Vauxhall had finally been protected.

As Luton residents, we are all rightly proud of our automotive heritage and today we celebrate that it is to continue.

My thoughts today are with the workers themselves and their families, who during these difficult times have lived under the constant fear that they would loose their jobs.

I also congratulate Unite for their hard work and dedication in fighting to protect the jobs of our automotive workers. This is exactly the kind of passion and determination we need to help ensure a prosperous future for our fellow residents and our families.

This news perfectly shows the positive impact that a belief in and dedication to our community can have and helps to reaffirm my unwavering pride in our community.

Councillor Qurban Hussain,

Luton South Parliamentary Candidate, Liberal Democrats.

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