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Nick Clegg visits Luton South

Liberal Democrat Leader, Nick Clegg MP, returned to Luton South today to learn about how the economic recession is affecting manufacturing businesses in the town.

Alongside Liberal Democrat Luton South Parliamentary Candidate Qurban Hussain, Mr. Clegg visited PACT Engineering, a manufacturer of high precision components.

Mr. Clegg talked about how banks, funded by billions of pounds of tax-payers money, were not giving the necessary support to businesses at the time they need it most as well as arguing that the residents of Luton South should be given the power to sack disgraced MP Margaret Moran while lending his support to the calls for Ms. Moran to resign.

Qurban said:

“It was an honour to welcome Nick back to Luton for the second time in four months as it clearly demonstrates that the Liberal Democrats are committed to ensuring the voice and concerns of Luton South residents and businesses are heard in Westminster at the time they need it the most.

Nick spoke passionately about the scandalous situation that my fellow residents in Luton South do not have the right to sack our MP and the shameful way in which greedy bankers are being rewarded with our hard earned money.

Businesses like PACT have done everything right; they work hard, they have not over-borrowed money putting them in debt and they help train future generations by offering apprenticeships to learn the essential skills necessary to help achieve a prosperous future for Luton.

The Government’s failed policies and the actions of bankers have though left small and medium manufacturing suffering at a time when they need to support to see them through the recession and protecting jobs in our community.

Our community has suffered under successive Conservative and Labour governments and MPs and Nick’s visits help emphasise how the Liberal Democrats have the dedication, policies and sense of duty that is essential to ensure a prosperous future for our families and area.”

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