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Qurban Hussain and Liberal Democrat Councillors call for Moran to resign

“The time for excuses has long passed. Moran must either do the job for which she is being paid or resign now.”

– Liberal Democrat Qurban Hussain.

Liberal Democrat councillors have tabled a motion calling on Luton South Labour MP Margaret Moran to resign. The motion will be debated at the meeting of the Full Council to be held on Tuesday (3rd November).

“The time for excuses has long passed,” said Liberal Democrat Luton South Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, Qurban Hussain. “It’s been six months since she went into hiding leaving her constituents completely unrepresented whilst continuing to draw her generous salary.

Moran must either do the job for which she is being very well paid or resign now.”

“No-one even knows where she is hiding. She could be enjoying warmer weather than the rest of us in her house in Spain, lying low in Southampton or living it up in her central London apartment. What we do know is that she is no where near Luton and there’s no sign she is ever going to visit us.”

“When you remember how dead keen she always was to get her face in front of the press and TV cameras this absence is quite a contrast. But her complete abandonment of her constituents is disgraceful.”

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