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Qurban Hussain supports Luton and Dunstable Express’ Margaret Moran Campaign

Today the Luton and Dunstable Express launched a campaign calling for Luton South MP Margaret Moran to resign. I greatly support their campaign and I include below my thoughts on the campaign that appeared in today’s paper.

Best Regards,

Qurban Hussain,

Luton South Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate.


As a proud resident of Luton South I sadly know all too well the damage Ms Moran’s actions have caused to our community. During my time as a councillor no issue has led to greater anger among fellow residents.

Ms Moran sought the great honour of representing the hardworking people of Luton South and in return she has left our community with no voice in Westminster at a time when we need it the most.

If Ms Moran had any respect or sense of duty to our community she would resign now and end this shameful situation.

Instead she chooses to continue collecting taxpayers’ money and let our area down.

Luton South deserves to be represented by someone who is passionate and sincere about their commitment to our community, understands the values and pride of its residents and is willing to do whatever is necessary to ensure a prosperous future for our families.

Ms Moran, do the right thing – resign.


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