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“354 jobs to be lost at Vauxhall, but where is our MP?” – Hussain

Luton South Councillor and Parliamentary candidate Qurban Hussain has expressed his sadness about the loss of 354 jobs at Vauxhall in Luton.

After recent hope that jobs will not be lost at Vauxhall the news today will have a significant affect on Luton.

Councillor Hussain argues that the news will potentially have a have an impact on Luton wider than those who currently work at Vauxhall.

He said:

“The news that 354 jobs are to be lost at Vauxhall is a heavy blow to our community. After the hard work of the trade unions and dedication of the workers at Vauxhall, the news that the only jobs to be lost at Vauxhall will be in Luton raises questions about where was our MP to stand up for our area? The workers and families of those who will lose their jobs have been badly let down by their MP failing to stand up for them.

The sad news of job losses at Vauxhall will have a wider impact on our community. By talking with many local businesses I know that small and medium manufacturing firms in Luton work closely with Vauxhall by supplying them with precision components.

With Vauxhall reducing its operation in Luton there is now fear that further jobs will be lost in those businesses which currently supply goods to our automotive industry. Also, manufacturing businesses are key to our community. Not only do they provide thousands of jobs and are central to our town’s identity but they also supply essential training to young people to work in a highly skilled industry.

Only this week I met with Lorely Burt MP, Liberal Democrat spokesperson on Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, to discuss what the government must do to help support businesses in Luton and the fear of job losses at Vauxhall.

She supported my view that it is an outrage that Luton South currently does not have an active MP to stand up for our workers and industry and assured me, as Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg MP did when he visited Luton recently, that the voice of Luton businesses will be heard by those in the government who need to hear it.”

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