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A Proud Day for Luton – Qurban Hussain

On Sunday I had the honour of representing our town at the Remembrance Service at the War Memorial in front of Luton Town Hall. Alongside my fellow Councillors and Lutonians we gave our thanks to those fought for to protect the freedom we enjoy today.

While we often may focus our thoughts on those who served our Country in the World Wars this year we had the sad duty of remembering Warrant Officer Chant, a solider from Luton who proudly served our country with dedication and distinction in Afghanistan.

I, like all those present, felt immensely proud not only of our Armed Forces but also of my town. In recent weeks the people of Luton have worn their Poppies with pride and we stood united as a community on Sunday to pay our respects.

Our pride in our community and Armed Forces will help provide the essential support the British Legion needs.

The British Legion’s ceaseless endeavour to ensure that our Armed Forces and their families are provided with the care and support they greatly deserve is something we should always be thankful for.

Accordingly, may I take this opportunity to thank the Luton Branch of the British Legion and all those who sold Poppies on their behalf for their continued service to our Armed Forces.

Yours Sincerely,

Qurban Hussain,

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate, Luton South.

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