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Hussain – Letter to Gordon Brown regarding Margaret Moran.

Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown MP

6th November 2009.

10 Downing Street

London SW1

Dear Mr Brown,

You will be aware that Ms. Moran will not be allowed to be the Labour Party’s candidate in the next general election because of her excessive expenses claims, that she has been absent from her constituency for six months and that she has been asked to repay substantial sums. There is no indication that she ever intends to resume her responsibilities to the people of Luton South.

You may not be aware just how angry local residents are that she remains on the parliamentary pay roll receiving her generous salary and expenses and appears to be determined to hang on till the bitter end to receive a resettlement grant estimated locally at around £55,000.

The very justifiable local anger is demonstrated in conversations in every kind of social gathering and in massive coverage in the pages of the local press. The Luton & Dunstable Express has even started a ‘Get Moran out now’ campaign.

When the Kelly report was published you were reported as saying its recommendations must be accepted in full and your comment was well received. Political representatives from all parties were pleased you were determined to take a stand to start the process of rebuilding confidence and faith in the integrity of political life.

Recommendation 33 of the Kelly report says:

Where an MP is found to have seriously abused the expenses system or otherwise seriously breached the Code of Conduct, the Standards and Privileges Committee should always consider recommending that the House reduce or remove the resettlement grant from that MP as part of any sanctions to be imposed and should be prepared to do this for past as well as for future breaches of the rules. The new statutory scheme should empower the House of Commons to impose such a sanction by resolution.

It would further underline your resolve to clean up politics if you could confirm to me and publically state your intention to ensure that recommendation 33 will be applied to Ms. Moran and that she will not be allowed to receive this outrageous pay off.


Qurban Hussain.

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