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Liberal Democrat Councillors show their support to Luton and Dunstable Express’s Margaret Moran Campaign.

Luton Liberal Democrat Councillors have today all showed their support for the Luton and Dunstable Express’s campaign which calls for Margaret Moran to resign.

Their support follows that of Liberal Democrat leader, Nick Clegg MP, who has given his full backing to the campaign and has long argued that it should be the right of local people to sack their MPs if they fail to do their duty to their constituents.

The Labour Party in Luton this week passed an amended motion at the Council to stop a Liberal Democrat motion calling for Margaret Moran to resign.

After the Council group signed the campaign Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate, and local Councillor, Qurban Hussain said:

“The Liberal Democrats are united behind ensuring that my fellow Residents in Luton South have the right to choose who has the honour of representing them and we fully support the Luton and Dunstable Expresses’ Campaign.

The Labour Group’s motion this week clearly showed that they simply do not understand the strength of public outrage on the matter and was a cynical affront to the clear views of local people. Currently we in Luton South are not being represented in Westminster at a time we need it the most and this situation simply cannot be allowed to continue.

I thank Nick Clegg for lending his support to the campaign and I also admire what he said about that it should be about Luton residents, Luton South in particular.

Ms. Moran’s actions have rightly outraged our whole country, but unlike we Luton South residents, they do not suffer the direct consequences of her absence or the genuine hurt she inflicted on her constituents.

For too long we in Luton South have been neglected at home and Westminster due to being represented by people who do not have the best interest of our community at heart; this must change.”

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