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Liberal Democrats force Council to rethink Sherd Lodge closure date.

Liberal Democrat Councillors Qurban Hussain and Sid Rutstein have forced the Labour run Council to take another look at the decision to set a March date for final closure of Sherd Lodge old peoples’ home. They want the closure to be delayed until there are no permanent residents in the home. Meanwhile, they argue, the spare rooms should be used for respite and other short stay care needs.

A saving of £279,000 was built into the budget by the Labour Council last February and so it is clear the decision on the final date, regardless of how many permanent residents are still living there, must have been taken almost nine months ago and before the formal consultations even began.

“Residents, their families and the staff at the home were all told when the original decision was made that the home would not close so long as permanent residents were still there,” says Qurban Hussain. “The Overview & Scrutiny Board now has an opportunity to ask the Council’s Labour Executive to think again and reinstate this original guarantee.”

“The decision by the Labour Executive is not about caring for frail elderly people, it’s about saving money. These Sherd Lodge residents are very frail elderly people and one is 103 years old. They will all suffer terrible trauma when they have to move. By forcing them out just to save a few pounds the Council is showing an outrageous disregard for their health and wellbeing.”

“When someone goes into a Council run elderly persons’ residential home they, and their families, quite rightly expect that they will stay in the same home, with the same neighbours and caring staff, until the end of their lives. This expectation should be respected and we will do our best to convince the Labour Council they should honour the original pledge.”

Following use of the ‘call-in’ procedure by Liberal Democrats the decision will be reviewed by the Council’s Overview & Scrutiny Board at 6pm on Monday evening 23rd November.

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