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Qurban Hussain visits Sherd Lodge

Liberal Democrat campaigner and Parliamentary Candidate for Luton South Cllr. Qurban Hussain has visited the staff and residents of Sherd Lodge to lend his support to them ahead of a crucial Council meeting on Monday 23rd.

Qurban has long been campaigning for the Labour controlled Council to match the Liberal Democrat pledge to keep Sherd Lodge open as long there are permanent residents living them.

He said:

“The future of Sherd Lodge greatly concerns me. The Liberal Democrats and myself made a firm commitment that Sherd Lodge would not be closed as long as permanent residents still resided there.

The residents of Sherd Lodge deserve to be treated with respect and dignity but the Council plans to close Sherd Lodge fails to do so.

The staff at Sherd Lodge do a fantastic job and are committed to helping the residents in their care and I will be doing all I can at the Council meeting to support them.”

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