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Qurban Hussain writes to Labour Councillors about Margaret Moran

With Labour Councillors paying no attention to public anger in regards to the current situation with Margaret Moran I have decided to write to them personally to address this most important issue.

I believe that all elected representatives have a fundamental duty of care and respect to their constituents. The Labour party seem not to believe this is the case or even understand the outrage the current situation is rightly causing.

As someone who has been afforded the great honour of representing my fellow residents of Luton South resident I have written to them to ask them to address this issue.

I include the text of the letter below:

Dear Councillor,

You will be aware of the strong local feelings of anger that Luton South MP, Margaret Moran, is not currently fulfilling her responsibilities to her constituents. It may be that she is unable to do so for genuine health reasons but in the absence of any explanation of the details of her reasons it is obviously impossible to know for certain.

Whatever the cause of her absence, it has to be accepted that Luton South constituents are not being adequately represented. I know that Kelvin Hopkins is doing what he can but parliamentary rules mean he cannot take up individual cases for residents and has to pass any contacts on to Margaret Moran’s office. No doubt they are receiving attention from her staff, but not from the MP personally.

In these difficult economic times, when fellow residents are concerned about jobs and their families’ future, it is simply unacceptable that we are not being properly represented in Parliament. If Ms. Moran is unable to stand up for these people and fulfil her Parliamentary duties through ill health then I ask her to do the honourable thing and resign to allow her constituents to choose someone who can.

As elected representatives for Luton we should all believe that our primary duty is to work to help improve the lives of our constituents. Margaret Moran’s continued absence from Luton South fails to meet this fundamental obligation and we therefore should all agree that this situation should not be allowed to continue.

A copy of the petition organised by the Luton & Dunstable Express is enclosed. If you would like to demonstrate that you understand local residents’ concerns please sign the petition and send it to the newspaper’s office or return it to me via the Town Hall internal mail system and I will pass it on for you.


Councillor Qurban Hussain.

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