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“We need more investment in our town and railway station” says Qurban Hussain

Local Liberal Democrat campaigner and Luton South Parliamentary Candidate Cllr. Qurban Hussain has today called for more investment in Luton and its Railway station.

It was announced this week that Luton Central Station was one of the ten worst in the country and in need of urgent investment and attention.

Qurban Hussain argues that the recession and failed government policies have ground to a halt Liberal Democrat plans to rebuild and revitalise the station.

Qurban said:

“The Liberal Democrats put in place plans which would have seen a massive investment programme directly benefiting the rebuilding of Luton Central Station and revitalising the surrounding area.

What we have sadly seen though is our economy grind to a halt thanks to failed government policies. This has meant the money that was to be invested into Luton Central Station and the surrounding area is no longer available.

Liberal Democrat colleagues and I have always believed that we need to see fresh investment in our town, but we currently in the outrageous position that we have no one standing up for Luton South in Parliament.

To ensure that the voice of local people is being heard in Westminster I will be writing to Lord Adonis, the Secretary of State for Transport, to argue that the Government must do more to help investment in Luton Central Station.

As all fellow Luton residents know, our town has a proud history, tremendous potential and as a local community we are dedicated to working hard for our town and families future. It is time that this is clearly known in Parliament and I am dedicated to making sure the voices of Luton South residents are being heard and being represented in a way that reflects the pride and passion of our community.”

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