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Hussain calls for Green technology to boost Luton’s economy.

With the start of the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen local campaigners in Luton are arguing that a reduction in carbon emissions and the further development of renewable energy sources will create new jobs locally and strengthen the Luton economy.

After meeting with local manufacturing firms Qurban Hussain, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate for Luton South, has put forward the case that if Luton is to be able attract new trade to create these jobs it is vital that the UK plays a central role in securing a greener future internationally.

Nationally the Liberal Democrats, viewed by Friends of the Earth as the greenest of the major parties, accuse the government and the Conservative Party of not addressing the issue of climate change seriously and that the UK needs to take on a central role internationally to combat climate change.

Speaking ahead of the conference Qurban said:

“We may think that these issues only affect us on a global scale but they can have a significant impact on Luton as well, including a positive and lasting boost for our manufacturing businesses.

In Luton there are businesses which manufacture key equipment for power stations around the world, with many smaller local businesses supplying those manufacturers with precision components.

If our community and country was to strongly argue for a new, green economy then we would be able to create new jobs locally to manufacture new, green technology while opening up more international markets to Luton made goods as well as helping to ensure a better future for our children and environment.

Products made in Luton have a global reputation for being of excellent quality and made by skilled workers. It is clear that a green future would only improve this reputation and it is essential we do all we can to bring more business to our town.”

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