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Liberal Democrat Campigner Qurban Hussain – “Time for Fair Taxes”

Luton South Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate Qurban Hussain has today leant his support to Liberal Democrat proposals for a fair tax system.

Speaking after the announcement Qurban talked about how he believed the proposals would support hard working families and pensioners, help create new jobs and strengthen the economy.

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg argued that the proposals were a “commitment to fairness”.

“Today’s announcement of a fair tax system is something that I believe will be of tremendous benefit to the hard working families in Luton. Fairness is essential to helping our country out of the current financial downturn and it must be central to any tax system which aims to help our community.

While the Conservatives still plan on cutting taxes for multi-millionaires, what we really need is a government that is firmly on the side of the people during these difficult economic times. By cutting taxes for those on lower wages while cutting loopholes and scrapping tax cuts for multi-millionaires we will help our country recover from recession while making it fairer.

By removing income tax on the first £10,000 we earn hard working families have £700 a year back in their pockets while many pensioners and low paid workers in our community will be removed from income tax entirely.

These tax cuts will be funded by taxing bonuses for bankers and not removing multi-millionaires from inheritance tax. In a recession it is essential that the tax system is fair and that those who can afford to should be helping out those people in our community currently finding it hard or struggling in a difficult jobs market.

With the clear threat of 354 job losses at the GM van plant Luton needs a real financial boost and these tax proposals by Nick Clegg and Vince Cable, along with plans to get banks lending to our business, will help to create new jobs and investment in Luton and clearly demonstrates that the Liberal Democrats are focused on supporting families and businesses in our community.”

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