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Luton Labour Party putting their own interests before local residents says Qurban Hussain

The Labour Party in Luton have again refused to call for disgraced MP Margaret Moran to resign and deny her a substantial pay out after she ceases to be the MP for Luton South.

Speaking after being selected as her replacement Labour Parliamentary Candidate Mr. Shuker argued that it should be disgraced Luton South MP Margaret Moran’s decision if she resigned, rather than arguing that local people should have the right to sack her.

On a recent visit to Luton South Liberal Democrat Leader, Nick Clegg MP, argued the power to sack an MP should be with residents rather than political parties.

Cllr. Qurban Hussain, Liberal Democrat Luton South Parliamentary candidate, has today restated his view that Margaret Moran should resign now and be denied the substantial pay-out she will get when she stops being an MP.

“Sadly, once again the Labour Party has put their interests before those of local residents. The majority of Luton South residents want Ms. Moran to resign but the Labour Party still choose to ignore that as well as the fact that it is totally unfair that she will be rewarded with a huge pay our come the election.

For all their talk of fairness and cleaning up politics, Gordon Brown and the local Labour Party refuse to act such an unfair situation.

With 11 Liberal Democrat Councillors in Luton South compared with the Tory’s two it is clear that it is a contest between the Liberal Democrats and Labour, who have 13. With the Liberal Democrats firm views of putting power back in the hands of local people, I urge local people to support our campaign so we can put the power to sack MPs where it belongs.”