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Qurban Hussain welcomes news of Leader’s Debates

I greatly welcome the news today that there will be three televised Leaders debates come the general election. I am sure it will provide a tremendous boost to political debate in our country and will provide an excellent opportunity for the Liberal Democrats to communicate our message of fairness, justice and democracy.

On one of his recent visits to Luton Nick Clegg, Liberal Democrat Leader, met with the public to answer their questions on any topic they wished and his honesty and straight talking approach was greatly respected by those present.

It is an essential part of our democracy that we get the opportunity to ask important questions to those who seek the honour of representing us at Parliament. Politicians need to do all they can to rebuild trust and respect in Parliament and the Leaders debates will hopefully help to do that.

Cllr. Qurban Hussain

Luton South, Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate.

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