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Qurban Hussain writes to Baroness Warsi.

Luton is a community which has a long history of tolerance. As a Councillor for Biscot I know that the very vast majority of people in our community take great pride in our town and believe in the fundamental values of respect and tolerance.

Only yesterday afternoon I was meeting with people in our community a few steps away from where the incident took place and I, like all fellow Lutonians, know for certain that it remains a vibrant and welcoming place to live and visit.

Yesterdays events during Baroness Warsi’s visit to Bury Park are by no means a reflection of our town. Accordingly, as a representative for our area I have written to Baroness Warsi to express my sincere regret over the incident and I include the text of my letter below.


Dear Baroness Warsi,

As a Councillor for the Biscot Ward in which Bury Park is located, I am writing to you to express my deep regret in regard to the incident that occurred during your visit to Luton this week.

May I commend you for the dignity in which you carried out your visit. It is through reasoned argument that we must face such challenges in our country and we must always be prepared to stand up for the values it represents.

I share entirely your thoughts about how those protesters neither represent nor reflect the views of the vast majority of Muslims in our community and country. Luton has a proud history of tolerance and respect which is clearly evident in the public reaction to the actions of the protesters.

I sincerely hope that your perception of my home town has not been affected by your visit yesterday.

Yours Faithfully,

Councillor Qurban Hussain.

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