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“Where does the Labour Candidate stand on Moran?” asks Qurban Hussain

The issue of MPs expenses rightly outraged all residents in Luton South after the shameful actions of our MP Margaret Moran were brought to light.

Since then the Labour Party in Luton has continued to support her and ignore the growing anger of Luton residents and calls for her to resign and not be rewarded with a susbstantial pay-off.

These simply are the actions of people who care more for their party than those who elected them. They put the Labour Party first and had more concern for Ms. Moran’s and their own damaged reputation than the people of our community.

This evening Gavin Shuker was selected as the Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Luton South. But does he agree with those he seeks to represent, including myself as a Luton South resident, that Ms. Moran actions were disgraceful and that the local Labour party’s decision to support was by no means in the best interests of local residents?

Since May we have been without a committed, active MP in our town in a time when we need it the most. The Labour Party though has allowed this state of affairs to continue, does the new candidate think this is fair or right? Should local people have the right to sack an MP who continues to let people down?

In Luton South we do not need someone who is going to put a party before the people they seek the honour of representing and they deserve to know where their candidates stand on the issue of Margaret Moran.

After years of jobs being lost, our manufacturing industry suffering due to a failed economy and politicians putting their own interests first the simple fact is enough is enough. Luton South deserves better than this. It deserves real change.

It is time we put Luton South first again.

Cllr. Qurban Hussain

Luton South Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate.