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2010 – Let’s put Luton South first: Qurban Hussain.

2009 was a difficult year for our community. The expenses scandal put Luton South in the headlines for all the wrong reasons and we were outraged to be denied the right to choose a new MP.

Those of us that live in Luton are sadly all too aware of how Labour and Conservative governments have continued to let our community down. Our manufacturing industry has declined, we continue to loose jobs and we have suffered from not having an effective voice in Westminster. It is time for real change.

As Lutonians we are proud of our town, know the challenges our area faces and are dedicated towards ensuring a better future for our families. The upcoming general election provides us with the opportunity to put Luton South first and establish a lasting and positive change in our community.

Since being elected as a Luton South Councillor I have had the honour of serving our community and have seen how our shared skills, values and commitment to our town continue to improve the lives of fellow residents and as such I firmly believe that the best people to work for and represent the people of Luton are Lutonians themselves.

Our town has a proud history, is full of potential and has a bright future. Let us put Luton South first by working together and make 2010 the start of a new chapter for our community in which our town is in the news for all the right reasons.

May I take this opportunity to wish all fellows residents a very happy New Year.

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