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“Conservatives in no position to say they understand anger about MPs expenses” – Hussain.

Last week Conservative Party Chairman Eric Pickles has visited Luton and argued that people are ‘disillusioned with politics’ and I quite agree with him; but it is because of people like Mr. Pickles that people are rightly outraged at the rotten state of the current Parliament.

Mr Pickles has claimed tens of thousands of pounds from we taxpayers to pay for a second home less than 25 miles from his other house, is a key member of a party which has failed to sack their MPs that ‘flipped’ their second homes to get more tax payers money and avoid paying tax themselves and does not believe that we residents of Luton South should have the right to sack our MP.

It is clear, that like the Labour Party, the Conservatives are in no position to tell people they understand people’s anger at the MPs expenses scandal. Liberal Democrat Leader, Nick Clegg MP, was right to argue this week that “a vote for the Labour or Conservative Party is a vote for corrupt politics” and Mr Pickles disingenuous comments are further evidence that the Conservatives are more concerned with their own interests than the people of Luton South.

Cllr. Qurban Hussain

Luton South, Liberal Democrat PPC.

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