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“Let us work together to fight extremism and show people the real Luton” – Qurban Hussain

At a meeting in Bury Park this week Cllr Qurban Hussain called for Luton to unite against extremism. Cllr Hussain, who is also the Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary candidate for Luton South, arranged the meeting attended by more than 200 people to promote Luton in Harmony as well as Luton diverse but united community.

Cllr. Hussain argued at the meeting that he will keep working to improve community cohesion in Luton and be an ambassador for the town promoting its values and jobs potential in Westminster and around the rest of the country.

Speaking after the meeting Qurban said:

“I was pleased to see so many residents from across our community come together for our meeting and speak with a united voice that our town rejects extremism. As Luton South residents we are proud of our town and proud of being British.

Central to both being Lutonians and being British is a shared value of tolerance, community and working to improve the lives of our families and fellow residents.
With over 200 people attending from all parts of our community the meeting was a clear demonstration of these shared values and principles and that as Lutonians we will continue to work together for the good of our community.

Our town has done much to counter extremism in all its forms and I passionately believe that through continued cooperation and projects like Luton in Harmony we will be able to show people throughout the country the real Luton – the one we are proud to call home. By promoting the real Luton we can attract new jobs and business to our town creating a safe, prosperous future for our community.”

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