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Qurban Hussain: EDF Energy have to do more to help vulnerable people.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been greatly concerned about the number of distressing accounts I have received about the recent power and gas cuts. While to some of those in a more fortunate position power cuts and bad weather are a nuisance, to others it is a much more serious concern.

While we all have been affected by the current weather conditions, it is hard to imagine the worry the most vulnerable people in our community have felt at loosing the ability to cook and keep them warm.

Through helping and speaking with residents throughout our community it is clear that whether the problems where in Caddington, Dallow or High Town, the spirit of community and neighbourly concern has always been there to help those in need and I believe we can take great pride from this.

What there has been though is a lack of communication by EDF Energy to Luton Borough Council, meaning that we residents are left unaware as to the current situation in regards to gas and electricity. I have written to EDF to address this issue and to immediately contact residents affected it is essential that those who vitally need to know the status of their gas and power supplies are kept informed.

May I take this opportunity to thank all those in our community who have helped others through these challenging times and implore Luton Borough Council and EDF energy to do all they can to ensure that the most vulnerable people in our community are provided with the attention and care at these weather conditions require.

Cllr. Qurban Hussain.

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