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Why is the governent not doing what is necessary to clean up politics? – Qurban Hussain

We in Luton South know all to well the damage the MPs expenses has done and no effective action by the Government has been undertaken to address this. It seems that the Labour Party in Westminster and in Luton simply are not concerned about this urgent issue.

In Westminster, and on his numerous visits to Luton, Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has long argued that MPs must tackle the expenses issue now and called for MPs holiday’s to be cancelled until it has been. Neither the Conservatives or Labour agree that this is an issue we must address as they both failed to support Nick’s demands or punish their own senior MPs for their outrageous actions.

We must address this issue urgently so we can go forward with trust and faith in our politicians and Parliament as a whole. Those who are afforded the great honour of serving us in Parliament must fully understand and respect that they are elected to represent their constituents before anything else.

While the media may be gearing up for the election and many key issues will be dicussed we cannot forget the issue of the rotten state of Parliament that the exposes scandal exposed.

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