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Suspended Labour Councillor replaces Suspended Labour Councillor on Bedfordshire Police Authority

A Labour member of the Police Authority suspended for three months is to be replaced by Labour member suspended from the Council for three months.

“What kind of sleaze merchants are running Luton Council these days?” asks Liberal Democrat leader.

Following the news that Labour run Luton Council is to appoint Councillor Harris to the £9,000 a year Police Authority post left vacant after the resignation of suspended Councillor Saleem, Liberal Democrats on the Council have slammed the Labour leadership of the Council for what they call a crazy decision.

“With public confidence in politicians at all levels at the lowest level I can remember, replacing a suspended Police Authority member with another Councillor who was recently suspended for different reasons makes no sense at all,” says Liberal Democrat leader, David Franks.

“They seem to have no sense of shame or contrition at all. This decision will do nothing to help restore people’s faith in their elected representatives and they should think again.”

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