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First time voters interview Qurban Hussain

Liberal Democrat Luton South PPC Cllr. Qurban Hussain was recently interviewed by students at Luton Sixth Form College. In the interview, which you canread below, Cllr. Hussain spoke of how he aimed to improve the lives of young people in the community, the expenses scandal and why he is running to become Luton South’s new MP.


What is your opinion of the expenses scandal? And what do you think should happen to the MPs who refuse to pay it back?

The expenses scandal was simply outrageous. It undermined public trust in our elected officials and showed our political system in Westminster to be open to corruption. When our law makers are doing something so indefensible, could we trust them?

What was more shocking through was how the Labour and Conservative Party refused to back Lib Dem plans to give local people the right to sack their MPs. My own MP, Margaret Moran, disgraced our town but yet the local Labour Party still supports her.

What are your proposals for Luton as a whole?

I want to give Luton South residents the voice we deserve. I have lived and worked for this area for 17 years and it is time we put our community first before anything else.  By knowing our community I have many proposals to make it better, but one of the key areas I want to work is jobs for young people in our community. I want to stand up for our town by fighting to bring  jobs to Luton so young people can be educated then get jobs here. I have sadly seen too many jobs leave our community when people here, who are able to do them, need them.

Why have you chosen to campaign in Luton?

I have chosen to campaign for Luton South because it is my home, the town I love and place I am proud to represent as a Councillor.

I do not just care about this community as an election is on the way. Issues affecting schools, jobs, health, the environment etc. affect me because they affect my children and my family. I firmly believe our town has vast amounts of potential and the best people to serve and work for it are Lutonians themselves.

I am not a career politician who would want to represent people they have no connection with, I want to help my fellow residents and that is why I am campaigning to be our MP in Luton south.

Luton is a very culturally diverse place. How do you intend to reach all these different cultures and identities?

One of Luton’s great strengths is its diversity. As a Councillor I have been proud to work with groups from all sections of our community and help bring them together and I will continue to do so as our MP. I want my family and fellow residents to live in a town which puts equality and community cohesion first.

Also, I will continue to stand up to extremism no matter which section of our community it comes from. I am proud though of how young people across our town and country though are growing up treating all people with respect, tolerance and dignity – there is much others can learn from them!

What are your plans for becoming an effective member of the House of Commons? Some people take the back seat and let other people do the work, but what role would you like to play in the House of Commons?

Unlike some Luton South candidates in this election, I believe to be an effective MP I firmly believe that they must live in our community and have no second job.

But doing this you can really learn from residents about what they need and the what needs to be discussed in parliament. As Luton is my home the role I will take in parliament is that of a champion of our community, always putting it first. Fighting for it to create jobs and improve fellow residents lives.

While some only want to be a MP for the title and the money, I want only to work for my town and will always do so.

Finally, what is your vision for Luton in the future?

My vision for the future of Luton is that is becomes an example of how far a town can progress when local people are put first. I want our town to be in the headlines for the right reasons and people coming to our town to learn from us.

Most importantly though I want to make our town a place where young people want to stay or move to; Where there are jobs, green spaces and plenty to do. Like all of us who are proud to be Lutonians I want our town to always try to do better, work harder and achieve more. I know we can do this and I will proud to serve us and help us reach this goal when elected as our next MP!

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