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Qurban Hussain calls for an end to extremism and protection of civil liberties.

Cllr. Qurban Hussain, Luton South Liberal Democrat PPC, this week addressed a meeting at a local mosque and called for an end to extremism of all kinds and to allow any further erosion of our civil liberties. Qurban, a noted anti-extremism campaigner, spoke passionately about his love for his town and the pride local residents have for it.

Cllr. Hussain argued:

“The civil liberties that we all enjoy in the United Kingdom today are of result of centuries hard campaigns and sacrifices. Today we are facing a real danger of them being misused by some and curtailed by others. It is our responsibility to respect these liberties and protect them. We ought to stand up and not allow them to be misused or curtailed.

Be it religious extremism or political extremism, they are both dangerous for our society and we ought to stand up to them and challenge them head-on. All religions teach brotherhood, moderation and tolerance and if we follow these principals we can’t go wrong. Let us all work together to build a society based on these principals.

In Luton we are a proud, united community. With fantastic local campaigns such as Luton in Harmony I believe our town will become an example to others of how to work together to rid our community of extremism and protect the liberties that make our country great.”

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