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Qurban Hussain to meet with Foreign Secretary

Luton South Liberal Democrat PPC Cllr. Qurban Hussain is to meet with the Foreign Secretary David Miliband to discuss the continuing problems in Kashmir. Cllr. Hussain, a noted expert on the issue, is attending the event at the House of Commons soon after speaking on the issue at the House of Lords.

Qurban said “it will be an honour to represent our town once again at Parliament. Kashmir and foreign policy are major issues which affect our town and community. Not only do Lutonians want to see peace throughout the world but also to do all we can to ensure that our troops are never put in danger due to a failure of foreign policy.

It is essential that the international community works together to pursue peace and I firmly believe that the peaceful values of Luton residents are reflected by all communities across our country. By working together we can help protect our troops and potential civilian causalities in the region. The money we would save by pursuing peace would lead to better equipment for our troops and more money to spend on vital services at home”

Cllr. Hussain joined the Liberal Democrats the day the Iraq war started in 2003 and has been a dedicated peace campaigner for many years who continues to speak out against extremism of all kinds arguing that “I want my children to grow up in a peaceful world, with no fear of discrimination and where democracy is free to protect the rights of all citizens”.

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