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Clegg Scores Second Win in Party Leaders Debate

An average of five polls conducted immediately after the Sky TV Leaders Election debate on Thursday night put Nick Clegg as the winner, with all instant polls showing him ahead of Gordon Brown. After the Foreign Affairs-led debate from Bristol dominated by issues like Iraq, immigration and climate change, Nick Clegg won 3 of the 5 polls on the night, building on his position after the first debate.

The five “instant” poll results on the night:

  • Guardian/ICM: Clegg 33%, Cameron 29%, Brown 29%
  • YouGov: Clegg 32%, Cameron 36%, Brown 29%
  • ComRes: Clegg 33%, Cameron 30%, Brown 30%
  • Angus Reid: Clegg 33%, Cameron 32%, Brown 23%
  • Populus: Clegg 36%, Cameron 37%, Brown 26%
  • Poll Average: Clegg 33.4%, Cameron 32.8%, Brown 27.4%

The election has been thrown wide open by Nick Clegg‘s first debate win. A number of polls have shown that the Lib Dems and the Conservatives are neck and neck, with Labour trailing in third. BBC journalist Michael Crick said on Newsnight “The momentum is still with Clegg.”

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