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Luton South PPC Qurban Hussain’s reponse to visit by David Miliband

Today David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary, is visiting Luton South. After almost a year of Labour neglect and no effective representation in Westminster they decide to visit only when an election is due.

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has visited twice in the last year to visit Luton South businesses and meet with local residents while Treasury Spokesperson Vince Cable visited earlier this year.

Luton South residents will take from this that the Labour Party only want to listen to people when they want their vote as they continually failed to listen to or respond to public anger regarding our disgraced MP Margaret Moran.

The Liberal Democrats though have continued to stand up for local residents and Nick Clegg and I have been campaigning for reform of the rotten system in Westminster for many years.

Local residents need to be represented locally and in Westminster all year round, not just when politicians are trying to hold onto their jobs. Once again the Labour party are doing far too little, far too late.

As a Luton South resident here are some of the questions I’d like to the Foreign Secretary and the Labour candidate to answer:

  • Why will Margaret Moran’s pension be more than the salary of some of our front line Armed Forces?
  • Why do we have the money to pay bankers bonuses at a time when families are struggling to get by?
  • Why did the Labour Party never support local campaigns calling for Margaret Moran to resign?
  • Why did the Government take us into an illegal war in Iraq with no evidence?
  • Why don’t Labour support raising the income tax threshold to £10k to help those on low and middle incomes?
  • Why did it take almost a year for Labour to suspend Margaret Moran from the Labour Party?
  • Why won’t Labour scrap tuition fees to give every student a fair start?
  • Why did Vauxhall and other key manufacturing firms leave Luton under a Labour Government?
  • Why do our Police spend time doing mountains of paperwork rather than policing our streets?
  • Why did the Labour party think it acceptable for Luton South residents to go without an MP for a year?
  • Why did Labour not back Liberal Democrat plans to give people the right to sack their MP?

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