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Qurban Hussain – Let us put Luton South first.

The choice at this election is who is going to put Luton South first?

Under Labour we have seen Vauxhall close, the gap between the richest and poorest increase and have been without a working MP for nearly a year. They have continued to put the Labour party before the people of Luton South.

The past Conservative governments hit Luton South hard, they have only two Councillors in the constituency and plan to cut taxes for millionaires instead of supporting Liberal Democrat plans to raise the income tax threshold to £10k. Only the Liberal Democrats can defeat Labour in Luton South and bring real, fair change to our community.

The old, broken politics of Labour and Conservative has continued to let our town and country down. The Liberal Democrats offer real change and a fair society that will help to improve the lives of all residents.

Unlike many candidates in this election, I am proud to live and work in Luton South. It is my home, where I choose to raise my children and where I am honoured to represent as a Councillor.

The decisions our next MP makes will affect all of our lives and the best person to make those decisions is a Lutonian.  As Lutonians we have a passion and dedication to our town and fellow residents that those who choose not to live here will never have.

The Liberal Democrats and I are campaigning to get our banks lending to local businesses to create new jobs, to invest more in our schools, to increase pay and resources for our armed forces and to reform our broken, corrupt system of politics in Westminster.

Locally I will continue to campaign to protect our green belt, to rid our streets of extremism, support local charities and to attract new businesses to our town to create a prosperous, secure future for our children.

On May 6th we will have the choice to decide who represents us in Westminster. The choice is clear between the Liberal Democrats and candidates who want to represent us but do not even want to live here and candidates whose parties have always put self-interest before local residents.

Let us choose to put Luton South first.