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Tackling Drug Crime – Not a Priority for Luton Police

The official Luton Annual Policing Plan for 2010-11 came under fire at the meeting of the full Council at Luton town hall on Tuesday 8th June when Liberal Democrat leader, David Franks, strongly questioned the complete absence of any reference to drug crime in the town.

Councillor David Franks told the meeting;

“Around 60% of all street robbery, house burglary and theft from cars in Luton is committed by people trying to finance drug habits, it is completely unacceptable that drug detox and rehabilitation does not feature on the priority list for Luton policing.”

“Crimes committed to finance drug habits inflict terrible suffering on the victims, sometimes violent and always severely traumatising. In a large, busy town like Luton getting more offenders into effective treatment must be a priority.”

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