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City Status bid will cost £50,000

Labour Councillor Roy Davis has now released to the press information that the Council plans to spend £50,000 during the current financial year on funding the Council’s bid for City Status with more spend next year.

Liberal Democrat Leader, Councillor David Franks comments:

“At last, after more than a week of Liberal Democrat pressure, Luton’s Labour Council has let Council Tax payers know how much of their money is to be spent on the bid for City Status.”

“The £50,000 allocated to this bid is just this year’s spend, more money will be needed from next year’s budget.”

“The Council is slashing spending on the Schools Music service and on road safety schemes whilst much of the City Status money will go to public relations consultants. Thank goodness local residents can now make their own rational judgements about whether this is a sensible way for their Council to be spending taxpayers’ money and I invite them to do so.”

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