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96% say no to Busway

Liberal Democrats in Luton are busy analysing the results of their annual survey of residents and the LibDem leader on Luton Council says with hundreds of survey forms returned one trend is clear and consistent. Luton residents are not happy that their Council is spending £90M on a guided busway.

“The survey forms ask for opinions on a range of issues and as expected we get a range of favourable and unfavourable replies,” says Lib Dem leader David Franks.

“But on the Busway opinion is clear as 96% of respondents have given the thumbs down to this expensive project. Most have said it is a complete waste of money and many have drawn attention to the Cambridge Busway which is more than a year overdue. The Cambridge scheme is said to be complete but it still cannot be opened for ‘technical reasons’. The contract to build the Luton-Dunstable Busway has been given to the same contractor.”

The Liberal Democrat residents’ survey was delivered to more than 25,500 homes in Luton and asks residents’ opinions on parks, street cleaning, traffic and other local issues. One question on the latest survey asked residents whether they agreed with the Council decision to spend £90M on the Luton-Dunstable Busway and 96% of respondents said they did not with many adding their own comments on the project.

5 comments on “96% say no to Busway

  1. Chris Bolt, Ely on

    Rails have sleepers which rest on ballast. Guided busways are made of concrete. Any subsidence and the concrete busways crack involving large expense to repair, whereas rail only needs re-tamping. Simple!

    I can’t believe that Bedford Council want to continue with the busway after the Cambridge fiasco,. Oh, on second thoughts, yes I believe it!

  2. Malcolm Smith on

    Very good to see that the Lib Dems survey shows 96% don’t want the guided bus in Luton

    Why can’t you get Lib Dem transport minister, Norman Baker, to stop the damned thing ?

    PLEASE. The bridges are about to be demolished- we need to stop this monster

  3. john latham on

    Dear Luton Lib Dems.

    I saw this on the No guided bus website tracking the disaster of a white elephant in Cambridge.

    I hope that you can make sure that Norman Baker sees these results.

    Unfotunately the elves and pixies in the Department for Transport seem still want to continue their guided bus activities, and unfortunately he does not yet seem to have found the way to stop them.

    It would be interesting to know what the cancellation clause is in the Luton contract.

    All the best

    John Latham

  4. Steve on

    A Light rail connection Leighton to Luton via Dunstable will be ideal, people from the ECML services can change and go to Luton Airport Parkway, the maths are easy, it will be ideal commuter route as well as a leisure route.

  5. Brian Taylor on

    I’m a Lutonian of 69 years and a ratepayer. How the hell can this white elephant be stopped ? If the money is tied up contractually, then the plug MUST be pulled, preventing good money following bad. Is mine a faint voice in the wilderness or is there a hope that more waste can be prevented ?

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