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Labour Council is trying to wriggle out of its responsibilities to elderly residents

Describing the plan to close The Mount Dementia Care Home as reckless and uncaring, Liberal Democrat opposition leader David Franks says the Labour Council is putting residents at risk and is placing a higher value on its money saving schemes than on the proper care of vulnerable elderly residents.

“When someone goes into a Council run elderly persons’ residential home they, and their families, quite rightly expect that they will stay in the same home, with the same neighbours and caring staff, until the end of their days,” said David Franks.

“This expectation should be respected and if there is a case to be made for closing The Mount then the closure should not take place whilst it still houses permanent residents. Meanwhile spare rooms should be used for short term respite care for which there is a clear need.”

“The decision by the Labour Executive is not about caring for older people, it’s about saving money. Just reading the paperwork tells you how much their decision is driven by their desire to raise some extra cash and the Executive report strongly points out the sums that can be made by selling the site. To make some money they are forcing frail elderly people to move away from their friends and from the place which has been their home for years.”

Liberal Democrats claim there is evidence the Labour Council is trying to wriggle out of its responsibilities for looking after frail elderly residents.

“The vacant sites of homes previously closed have been sold by Labour to raise cash. In contrast, the sites of the two homes closed by the previous Liberal Democrat administration were both used to provide brand new up to date extra-care sheltered schemes.”

“This decision to close The Mount is a shameful abandonment of the Council’s duty to frail elderly people. It’s a clear case of the Labour Council putting money before people.”

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