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Coalition Government offers Council £1.6M if they agree to freeze Council Tax

Luton Council has been offered an extra government grant of £1,573,649 but it will only be given if the Labour Council agrees that there will be no increase in Council Tax for the financial year which starts in April.

“The government is offering Luton Council a great opportunity to give Luton tax payers relief from the constant year after year increases in the hated Council Tax”, says Liberal Democrat leader, David Franks. “It also presents opportunities to reduce the impact of the general grant cuts faced by all local authorities in the Country.”

“We still hope the Labour run Council will keep to the promise to cut back-office functions and leave front line services on which local people depend untouched so we will be looking at the small print of their budget plans as soon as they are published.”

“Whatever else they do, they would be mad to ignore the opportunity to give Luton residents a government funded Council Tax freeze. Everyone is going to have a hard time of it over the next couple of years and the Labour Council will not be forgiven by local residents if they fail to take advantage of this chance to bring a little relief to hard pressed Council Tax payers.”

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