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The Mount Dementia Care Home: Labour Council confirm £500,000 cut before they consider objections to closure

The meeting of Luton Council’s Executive on Wednesday 9th February confirmed the budget for the financial year which starts in April and the cuts proposed include £500,000 from closing The Mount Dementia Care home. In October last year the Council launched a three months exercise to consult residents and their carers on the planned closure of the home and Liberal Democrat councillors are saying the budget decision effectively confirms the closure before the Labour Councillors have even looked at the responses from the home’s residents and their families.

“Consultation is not just asking people for their views, it means listening to what they say and trying to find ways to satisfy their needs,” says Liberal Democrat leader David Franks. “The so called consultation exercise has been a farce. Before they even look at the responses from concerned residents and their families the £500,000 cut has been built into their new budget. They are going to have a look at what The Mount residents have said, but not until after they have effectively confirmed the closure. It’s a disgrace.”

“They have countless times refused our request for an assurance that The Mount would not close so long so long as it provided a home for permanent residents, with spare rooms being used for respite care. But in my worst nightmare I never dreamed they would completely ignore the consultation responses until after the closure had been effectively confirmed.”

“They did the same sham exercise last year when the closed Sherd Lodge. It looks like the long term plan is to actually listen to nobody.”

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