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Eastern MEP supports measures to protect children from dangerous health claims

Euro-MPs have taken a stand against misleading health claims on food products by refusing to allow their continued use on packaging for baby milk formula.

Manufacturers have claimed that the use of DHA (docosahexanenoic acid) in milk powder can improve the eyesight of babies and young children.

But although the European Food Safety Authority had accepted the claim the evidence has been hotly contested by scientists, midwives and doctors.

Andrew Duff backed Lib Dem Colleagues who cast the deciding votes in committee to ban misleading health claims on packaging for baby milk formulas.

He said, “Parents of young children are particularly vulnerable to high pressure marketing techniques so any company that wants to claim their baby formula will improve a child’s eyesight has to prove its claims completely.

“With the scientific evidence hotly disputed it would be wrong for parents to be misled by the claims of companies intended to promote the sale of their products.”

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