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Labour Council ‘runs away’ from Drill Hall sale decision

Although they have allowed negotiations with a preferred bidder to carry on for ages, Luton’s Labour run Council decided on Monday 7th March to delay a decision on whether to go ahead with the controversial sale of the Old Bedford Road Drill Hall. No date has been set for the final decision and Liberal Democrat councillors claim the issue has been put off until after the May Council elections.

“Putting the decision off until after the May elections is a disgraceful way to deal with such an important issue,” says Liberal Democrat leader David Franks.

“It’s a key decision affecting the whole town and they are running away from their responsibilities. They should say now what their intentions are.”

“The only circumstances in which this key town centre site should be used for anything except housing would be if, after a careful study, it was decided the site would be suitable for a new primary school instead.”

Councillor Franks says the previous Liberal Democrat administration ear marked the site in 2004 for a housing development.

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