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Busway ‘annual maintenance’ costs rise to £557,000

A report considered by the Labour executive committee of Luton Council on Monday 11th July has revealed that Central Bedfordshire Council is planning to set aside £250,000 a year in future budgets for maintenance of the Luton – Dunstable Busway. Luton’s Labour Council has already included £307,000 a year from 2013 onwards in its financial plan taking the total figure to £557,000 a year.

“For years Labour Councillors have told us that once it was completed the Busway would be self financing,” says Liberal Democrat leader David Franks. “There have been regular claims that future costs would be covered by the fees the bus companies paid to use it. We never believed that and always thought it would be a constant drain on Luton’s Council Tax payers.”

“This is a Council Tax funded £557,000 a year maintenance cost for a Busway that almost nobody wants. It’s an outrage.”

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