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Busway Scheme under scrutiny

Liberal Democrat councillors have persuaded Luton Council’s Scrutiny Board that the consequences for Luton taxpayers of the Luton – Dunstable Busway project costs running out of control are so serious that they should monitor its progress carefully.

“Major capital projects at Luton Borough Council usually end up costing more than originally planned”, says Liberal Democrat leader David Franks.

“When you start with a budget as massive as £90 Million even a 10% budget over-run would cause very serious problems. It is vital somebody keeps a close eye on this scheme to see whether it is progressing on time and on budget.”

“The guided part of the route has already been reduced to save costs and so much of the way the buses will run on ordinary roads. With much of the claimed benefit being dubbed ‘doubtful’ we really need to see what Luton is going to get and how much it is costing.”

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