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Huge hikes in parking fees with more to come

Parking fees across Luton look set to rise substantially following a decision by the Labour Executive on Monday 12th September.

Ruling Labour councillors approved a schedule of revised tariffs that will see many parking fees hiked by up to 50 percent from 1st November – with further rises due within 8 months.

New fees being imposed by the Labour Executive include:

  • A 25% rise in the cost of parking in Bute Street on Saturdays, from £1.60 to £2.00
  • Rises of over 20% for 2 hours weekday parking in Bute Street or Vicarage Street
  • Parking in Wenlock Street Car Park on Saturdays costing 50% more
  • A hike of over 20% in weekday parking charges in Hitchin Road Car Park – to £4.00
  • 11 different on-street parking tariffs where rises average around 30%

Liberal Democrat Deputy Group Leader, Martin Pantling comments:

“ In these tough times, with many people finding a 5%inflation rate quite difficult, the very last thing the Council should be doing is charging people up to 50% more every time they want to do their basic shopping or need to attend a meeting or appointment.

“ With the Library Road car park long gone, many residents will have little choice but to pay the extra fee if they want to park in or near the Town Centre. But this could be a very short- sighted move, as affordable parking is key to encouraging people to shop locally in Luton. To add insult to injury, Labour are promising further rises in just 8 months time.”

“ I hope the Executive will rethink this. If they really must make £26,000 more a year out of residents being able to park, why not scrap the crazy bureaucracy involved in having 11 different charging schemes for on-street parking? This would save a small fortune in officer time, ticket machine and meter costs, and help keep any rises at a more sensible level.”

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