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Luton Labour slash street cleaning

The ruling Labour leadership on Luton Borough Council have decided on a massive reduction in street cleansing standards for the Town. The decision will see graffiti go unremoved for days, and one in eight roads not cleaned to an acceptable level.

The plans, agreed by the all-Labour Executive on a meeting on Monday 3 OctoberMonday, include:

  • Axing 12 Street Cleaning posts
  • Having no street cleaning supervisors or graffiti removal staff at weekends
  • Cleaning only 87.5% of Luton’s streets to an “acceptable” level
  • Cutting overnight mechanical sweeper cleaning

A comparison of Councils’ cleansing performances contained in the report shows that the proposal will leave fewer streets clean in Luton than in places like Coventry, Leicester, Blackburn, Bradford, Bolton and Medway in Kent.

Opposition Deputy Leader, Cllr Martin Pantling comments:

“These horrific cuts that the Council are imposing are designed to slash Street Cleaning budgets by £262,000, but have absolutely nothing to do with efficiency. This is a reduction in service and a reduction in the pride the Council takes in Luton, pure and simple.

“Labour ‘s own report admits that their plans would leave 1 street in 8 not cleaned to an acceptable level, and that graffiti appearing on a Thursday or Friday won’t be removed until the following Monday or Tuesday. Leaving our roads and public areas dirtier than in the Cities of Coventry, Bradford or Leicester seems an odd way to win a City Bid.”

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