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Omission of council tax rise forces re-bill letter

Luton Borough Council has agreed to write to all residents again regarding Council Tax after sending out Bills containing no reference to their controversial 3.44% Council Tax hike.

Luton was in a small minority of Councils (around 1 in 10) to raise Council Tax this year – by 3.44 percent, just under the figure where a referendum would be needed.  The Labour administration has faced widespread criticism from residents for rejecting a Government grant for £1.6 million, then charging local residents £2.2 million instead.

Bills hitting doormats last week contained no reference to the Labour rise.

Following a complaint by a local resident, the Council has been forced to write to ALL Luton Council Tax payers with details of Labour’s controversial 3.44% increase.

The Council Tax (Demand Notices) (England) Regulations clearly state that the relevant percentage increases must be displayed on the Bills (Part 2 Schedule 1), and that should these be omitted then “as soon as practicable after the mistake is discovered the billing authority must serve a statement of the relevant matter on the person on whom the notice was served” (No 3038, Part 2, Regulation 7.)

The Labour-run Council has now decided to comply with the law.

Luton Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader, Martin Pantling said:

“By not publishing their tax rise, Labour have thrown a fair chunk of the tiny extra amount they’ll collect through their rise straight down the drain.  But they barely care because it’s Luton residents who will continue to pay the cost of this inept Labour administration.”

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