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Labour force through “completely unnecessary” Council tax increase

Luton’s Labour run Council has been accused of forcing through a completely unnecessary 3.44% Council tax increase when they could have reduced the tax by 1.33%. The rise, which will cost a Band D taxpayer in Luton just under £40, was confirmed at a meeting of the full Council on Thursday 23rd February.

At the meeting Liberal Democrat councillors pointed out that the new budget voted through for the year which starts in April included a provision of £1.4M to cover savings included in last year’s budget which have failed to materialise.

“But for Labour screwing up last year’s budget, and their refusal to take the government tax freeze grant, they could have reduced Luton’s Council Tax by 1.33%,” said Liberal Democrat leader David Franks.

“If Cllr. Harris had got it right last time and his £1.4M of savings had been delivered, and if he accepted the government offer of £1.6M to freeze Luton’s Council Tax, the Council budget would have a surplus of £843,550 and he could have REDUCED Council tax by 1.33%”

“Instead, our ‘spend it all’ Labour Council is hitting Luton taxpayers with a completely unnecessary 3.44% hike in Council Tax just at a time when their wage rises are below inflation, if they are getting a rise at all, and many are struggling to make ends meet.”

One comment on “Labour force through “completely unnecessary” Council tax increase

  1. victor simmonds on

    why are the majority labour run council refusing the money offered by the government and increasing our council tax i have not had a pay rise for three years , when my my pension increases in april most of it will go to the greedy council. iam 69 years old and have to work part time as i only get the state pension, its also comforting to know that luton council owns luton airport and gets money from that, yours angry VIC comment

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