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Love Luton Festival costs Luton taxpayers £394,000

At least £394,000 – that is the cost to Luton taxpayers of the Council’s failure to properly organise the Love Luton Festival.

As the Council admits that Luton taxpayers will have to pick up a £394,000 bill for the for the deficit on July’s Love Luton Festival, Liberal Democrat councillors are claiming that the deficit is much bigger than it would have been had the Council organised the events differently.

“It’s great that thousands enjoyed the weekend,” says Liberal Democrat leader David Franks. “It is not so pleasing to see that Council Tax payers will now have to pick up the bill for the failure of the Council to organise the festival properly.”

“The Council is good at many things but organising pop concerts is not one of them. They should have engaged a professional concert promoter who would have the experience and expertise to make sure there was a profit at the end of it.”

“It was not terribly clever to organise two expensive concerts on consecutive evenings with both aimed at the same teenage market. Whatever made them think 20,000 local teenagers would be able to afford to go to both I cannot imagine.”

The Council is to discuss the outcome of the weekend festival on Tuesday 11th September.

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